Freelance work
A few photos taken while working for various publications as well as a few personal favorites.

Nate and the Tornado
Nate's Adventures
These are photographs of my son, pictured in a world of fantasy and imagination. A world that children occupy a good deal of the time. They are my interpretation of his world.

WWII aircraft in Worcester
Each year the Collings Foundation brings vintage aircraft to Worcester as part of their "Wings of Freedom Tour." The highlight of each tour is the Foundation's B-17, the "Nine-O-Nine," and their B-24, named "Witchcraft," the only flying B-24 in the world. Also on display was "Baby Jane," the world's only dual control P-51C.

photographic portraits
Friends, relatives and the family.

Holga camera
Holga photographs
I began photographing with the Holga in 1993 while attending RISD. It was fun and breathed new life in my interest in shooting pictures.

For about a year, I participated in series of photos with a Flickr group called "Bench Monday." Each week participants were required to photograph themselves standing on a bench. Eventually the bench became any object to stand on.